Traditional Irish Music for Small Harps by Katy Bustard

Traditional Irish Music for Small Harps by Katy Bustard

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Traditional Irish Music for Small Harps is the culmination of Katy’s work over the last number of years with beginning harp players on small harps (20 or 26 string). These tunes are ideal for beginning-lower intermediate harp players and are suitable for grades Step-Grade III in Traditional Irish Music.

The book contains a wide variety of Irish traditional tune types: O’Carolan, marches, airs, jigs, slip jigs, polkas, hymns and slow airs. I have selected tunes that sound especially beautiful on the small harp and that her pupils thoroughly enjoy playing.

There is a 20 string and 26 string arrangement of each tune, with the 26 string arrangements including some simple forms of ornamentation.

This is an ideal resource for harp teachers and for those learning themselves at home. Teachers who wish to purchase a set of books or downloads for their pupils can get in touch for 10% discount on 4+ copies.

Wishing you many hours of happy harp playing!

Katy Bustard

“I’ve just received mine today and it’s just fab Katy! A great beginners book with a super choice of tunes.” Sharon Carroll, Carroll School of Harp

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