Adventurer 20 Harp Method By Derwent Harp School

Adventurer 20 Harp Method By Derwent Harp School

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This new book is suitable for teaching yourself or working with a teacher,it is  beginning method for the 20 string  harp, written especially to accompany our Adventurer 20 Harp - although it can be used with any lap/travel/therapy harp.

The first part of the book contains important information on how to tune the harp and instruction about the harp itself, the second part goes on to playing music. There is a section on reading music and harp technique. A great little book to go with our adventurer 20. All music is written in c major so no sharpening levers needed. By the end of the book you will have all the skills needed to go and study for grade 1 should you choose to do so, Rain Song the final song in the book is on the LCM grade 1 harp syllabus and available to watch on You Tube.

This is a book of carefully graded material that any new harpist can use for a pedagogically sound and fundamentally thorough approach to playing the harp. Arranged by our CTABRSM, DipABRSM accredited teacher.

Below is  a free video lesson of lesson 1 - we do have a full set of video lessons to accompany the book available to purchase. Derwent Harp School has qualified 3 tutors offering lessons via Zoom following our Adventurer 20 Harp Method with all beginners.

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